Bible Prophecies (part 4): What Does The Bible Prophecy For Our Day And Beyond?

The Bible contains many prophecies or predictions that have come true. However it contains some prophecies that we see being fulfilled before our very eyes on the daily news. Too, it also has predictions for the near-future and the far-future. In this article, I will try to briefly summarize what the Bible predicts for our day and beyond.

According to the Bible we are living at a time where this present world will soon be put out of business. Why? It needs to be replaced because the spirit of this world is out of harmony with the God that created the

earth. The dominant spirit of this world is driven by selfishness, greed, hate, ruination and destruction. It has no future. You cannot build a peaceful, united world with that foundation. It will not work.

God, at one point in the near future, will have no choice but to replace the management of the earth and give it to his Son Christ Jesus. Only promoters of love, peace, unity and brotherhood will qualify to be citizens of the new world with Christ as king.

Then mankind will have

a fresh new start and will be guided in the path that will eventually lead to a global united world filled with love, peace, unity and brotherhood.

That is a glorious future where obedient mankind will enjoy eternal happiness and eternal life.

Everything we see in the news every day was predicted to happen. See Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Revelation 6. The book of Revelation describes all the events from World War One to a thousand years from now.

We are at a period of unprecedented trouble but there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel and we don’t have too much further to go. We will soon be out of the dark tunnel and enjoy the wonderful light that awaits us. That is what the Bible prophesies or predicts for now and the near future.

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