Bible Prophecies (part 2): What Important Prophecies Were Made Concerning The Patriarch And Prophet Abraham?

What prophecies or predictions were made concerning the patriarch and prophet Abraham who was the father of Ishmael and Isaac and 6 other sons?

If we go to Genesis 12:2-3, we find that God promised that He would bless him and make his name great. Has that come true! Is his name great?

In Genesis 15:5-6, God prophesied that Abraham’s descendants would become as numerous as the stars, a huge number. Has that prediction come true?

Today there are three large groups of people that view Abraham as a man of great faith and obedience in God. Who are they?

There is the Jewish

people who descended from Abraham’s grandson Jacob. In the book of Genesis there are 15 chapters that tell the life and experiences of Abraham.

There are all the different Muslim nations that view Abraham as a man of great faith.

Then there are all those who call themselves Christians that also view Abraham as a man of great faith and a friend of God. Abraham’s name appears about 74 times in the New Testament, the Christian Scriptures.

What qualities did Abraham display that endeared him so much to God? When we read his life story as recorded in the book of Genesis,

the first book in the Holy Bible, we see that besides faith and obedience, he also displayed great courage, that he was a very humble man, and had outstanding love for his Heavenly Father.

So, we can see that the promises and predictions made by God to his friend Abraham that his name would be great and that his descendants would become many have truly come true. Abraham’s faith and obedience show that if we develop Abraham-like faith, then just as God blessed Abraham, God will also bless us. God never says something without it coming true.

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