Bible Prophecies (part 1): What Did The Bible Say Would Eventually Happen To Babylon?

Bible prophecy or predicting of future events accurately is one of the strongest proofs that Bible was inspired by God. There are many prophecies in the Bible, some have already come true and some are for the near future. One of them concerns the mighty city of Babylon, written about 700 BC. What did the Bible predict for this once great city?

In Isaiah 13:19-21; 14:22-23 and Jeremiah 50:35-40: amongst other things, the prophecy or prediction is made that this city that once ruled an empire would eventually not have any inhabitants. It would eventually be wiped out like the ancient

cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and become home to desert creatures. The abundant waters in that locality would dry up.

Other short-term prophecies are found in Isaiah 21:9; 44:27-28; 45:1-7.

The long-term prediction that this strategic city, that was once a wonder of the ancient world, would become uninhabitable and the dwelling of desert creatures was quite unusual.

Did this prediction come true? How did this prophecy come true?

For more detailed information on Babylon, one could look in an Encyclopedia or on this site:

Sometime in the fourth century the city seemed to pass out of existence. Several attempts to rebuild this city have been made by Alexander the Great and also Saddam Hussein but with no

success. You can visit the ruins today and see the ruins for yourself of this once proud city, situated in Iraq about 55 miles from Baghdad.

This Bible prophecy was recorded about 1100 years before the prophecy came true. So the prediction that this city would eventually be uninhabited was not made by observing trends.

God, who has the ability to see the future, foresaw the event and had it recorded long in advance by one of his prophets to help us build confidence in the Bible as being the inspired and reliable word of God.

In Isaiah 55:11, it is written that what God speaks will become so, it is all true, and what happened to ancient Babylon is but one of the confirmations of this fact. What would eventually happen to ancient Babylon, a once mighty and proud city that ruled an empire is only one of fulfilled prophecies or predictions found in the Bible.

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