Is The Bible Account Of The Creation Of Adam And Eve Compatible With Science?

According to Genesis 2:7 God made man from the dust of the earth or the elements of the earth. To make Eve, God used one of Adams ribs. How does this account hold up to scientific scrutiny? How compatible is this account with science? When one buys a new vehicle, included with the purchase is a manual. The manual does not contain a technical description of how the car was made and how each part was manufactured; neither does it describe in detail the chemical composition of each part. Rather, the purpose of the manual is to give general information and
some maintenance instructions in a simplified way so that each buyer can enjoy his purchase for as long as possible. The Bible was written with a similar objective. It gives us sufficient general information and instruction so that we use our lives in the best way possible. So the Bible tells us that humans come from the dust. Does the earth have the elements that we are made of? When a human body

is cremated what is left? Is it not just dust? A little research will show we really come from the earth as all the elements in the human body are found in the earth, the dust. What about the formation of Eve from Adam’s rib? How scientific is that? Just do a search for “Cloned Human Embryo Created from Skin Cells” and see what you get. Or do a search on animal cloning? If man can do that, why would God have a problem? True, the Bible only gives the big details. God allows us the thrill of discovering how He did it. God however reveals the why in the Bible and that is much more important than the how. He gives us information about the past, the present and the future and what we need to learn and do so that we obtain eternal life. Yes, there is nothing amiss with how God created Adam and Eve. It is very much compatible with what science is learning.

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