From Best Friend To Worst Fiend- How And Why Does That Happen?

Have you ever had a good friend or best friend that went from a cherished trusted friend to a devilish fiend? Have you ever been betrayed by a close friend?

Let me tell you my experience and maybe you can see yourself in this situation. If we can understand how and why it happens, we might be able to better tolerate the situation or have some kind of peace of mind.

Our own experience may help us understand some other experiences in the Bible about the Devil and Judas Iscariot.

How and why does this happen? What goes on in the mind of

such a person that they would betray us and now become an enemy?

Sadly one of my best friends took that route. For many years we were very close, did much together and we could count on one another to be there for each other. I did much to help my friend with different situations in his life.

After many years I started to notice little things with my friend. I noticed that he seemed to be competing with me. He seemed to always want to say or do something that would elevate his achievements and denigrate my achievements to make it appear that he was better and smarter than me.

Even in areas where I clearly excelled, he wanted to appear superior to me. He started telling stories where it clearly appeared that he was better than me. I noticed that he would even take some of my jokes or stories and as he related them to others, he told them as if he originated the jokes or stories. Very weird!

Later I noticed that he wanted to put me down when in a group and would try to find fault with what I said and did. Now I needed to be very careful with what I said or did around him and what information I would reveal as he would twist everything for his own advancement.

Then it seemed that he was bullying me

and took pleasure in hurting me.

How did I deal with the situation?

I tried to give him some counsel and he responded with anger, which was too bad as I had no choice but to cut back my association with this person as he had become very toxic to me. That was too bad as he lost so much.

Is there any hope for such a person? Could they ever come back to their right mind? Yes, there is always hope that somehow along the way they realize their error and work towards a positive relationship. I believe there is some hope but if they don’t realize and stop the corrosiveness that is happening in their mind and personality then there is no hope. If they don’t self-correct or listen to wiser counsel from someone else, then again there is no hope and nothing constructive will develop.

Could this be what happened with the Devil, Ahithophel (an intimate friend of King David, see 2 Samuel 15:31; 2 Samuel 17:23; Psalm 55:12-14) and Judas Iscariot?

Were these individuals so consumed with pride, jealousy and envy that they went from a close friend to a worst fiend, from a close companion to wanting to upstage their friend? They betrayed their friend and now were willing to cause all the harm they could to their former friend? Did they now prefer death to being inferior to their once intimate friend?

When that happens it seems like a nightmare from hell. This is a very sad situation that at times happens when a close friend becomes a destructive fiend!

Note: On July 1, 2012 an update to this story was published under the theme: From Best Friend to Worst Fiend- How and Why Does That Happen? (Update)

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