The Amazing Results From Displaying Generosity And Being Generous (part 4)

I feel that Iím on to something good. I feel like I have discovered an amazing life principle, generosity. I feel that being generous brings back abundance. Does it really work? Let me tell you a story and you be the judge. I have dozens of these experiences. This is just one of them. I am trying to eat healthier and healthier. This has been one of my goals for the last few years ever since I almost died from a digestive problem that caused excessive acid reflux that damaged my esophagus. Anyways, since I thought I was going to die, I started
giving everything away. Then I came across a nutritionist, Douglas Graham that coached me into a simplified diet. Anyway, I got better and am still alive. When I was sick, I lost my job and decided to stop storing treasures on earth and start storing treasures in heaven. I did this by using more of my time to do volunteer work. I decided that I would not look for a job and when my money ran out I would see what God would do. Two scriptures were on my mind: Malachi 3:10, where we are told that if we put our trust in God and give him the first and best part of

what we have then he would bless us abundantly. So much so that it would be like getting copious showers from heaven. We would never be in want of good things. Matthew 6:33, where again we are told that putting God and his kingdom and his commandments first in our lives would result in blessings of that we would need. Both scriptures encourage to do something, to be generous with doing the things of God and then material blessings would come. Let us return to my experience. I have to mention that since I wasnít looking for a job I did not seek to get any government help, either in the form of unemployment insurance or welfare. The blessings did not come from being a freeloader and taking advantage of government assistance or anyone. Anyways, I have not run out of money yet, which is a few years now. I always seem to have just a bit more than I need, where I can be a little generous and actually give a bit away. Oh yes, back to the healthy food! Today I ate for free. It was healthy and organic. So how did my generosity result in free, healthy, organic food? More to follow....

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