Alone Time, Solitude, And Isolation: What Are The Benefits?

Alone time, solitude, isolation; what are the benefits of taking these steps? When are they necessary? When are they beneficial?

Should we schedule brief periods to be alone each week? Why do we need to be alone at times? Are we being selfish for isolating ourselves for brief periods of time? Do we always have to be around people? Do we need some time alone?

While we may have a great love of people, and people are important to us, still we all need to be alone at times. We need space to breathe, space to think, space to stretch and space

to grow.

We need time to rest and recharge our batteries and alone time is needed. A period of solitude may be needed for deeper reflection, to reassess our lives. We may need to deeply reflect if we are going where we want to go or are being tossed about by the whims of people around us.

If we fall sick, we may need to isolate ourselves to recover. Too many people around

us may exhaust us and prolong the recovery time. If we have a project that requires a lot of time and attention, we may also need to isolate ourselves to better focus and concentrate and have fewer distractions. This should be done on rare occasions and not for too long, just so that the job gets done. Otherwise, it may not be wise to isolate ourselves from people.

An ancient proverb points out that unnecessary isolation could lead to the growth of selfishness. We are not made to live alone. We need people and they need us!

So when needed, alone time, solitude and isolation, if not abused, can do us a world of good and keep us going with renewed health, energy and vigour as we face the challenges of daily life.

I wrote a poem called “My Friend, Solitude” and it is found here:

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