10 Bible Verses That Prove Eternal Punishment In Hell (a Place Of Torture): Do They Really? (part Two)

We will continue our discussion of verses that are quoted by some to prove that there is a place of everlasting torture by fire and other ways to torture wicked ones for eternity. Do these verses really prove that such a place exists or are they simply taken out of context? It is always best to do our own Bible study and research. It is always best to see what the Bible actually says and not believe those that misquote the Bible for their own ends. Let’s take a closer look at more verses. Always remember that God is a

God of love. Do you really believe that a God of love would torture anyone forever?

Mathew 18:6-9 (KJV) mentions everlasting fire and hell fire, according to the King James Version of the Bible. Do these verses prove that the wicked will be tortured for eternity in a fire?

Please read the verses carefully? Verse six mentions drowning in the sea. What happens when someone drowns? Does he suffer forever or does he die? Why would an everlasting fire result in torture? Would it not like drowning in the sea result in death? When someone is thrown into a fire, the person burns and dies? Again in verse nine we see that the Greek word Gehenna is used, the garbage dump for garbage and the dead bodies of criminals that did not deserve a decent burial.

We are accountable for our

actions and if we misuse our bodily parts to commit evil acts then if we do not repent, our fate is eternal destruction.

Matthew 25:31-46 (KJV). Here we see the expression “everlasting punishment” in verse 46. However have you noticed that it does not say everlasting punishment in a fire? God has always spoken of life and death or life and destruction, which means death. How is death or destruction an everlasting punishment?

Once a person is dead, it lasts forever or until God would bring that person back to life. Death is a punishment because life is a reward. In the garden of Eden, God put life and death before Adam and Eve. It was not life and torture. The punishment for disobedience was not torture but death. This contrast between life and death runs throughout the whole Bible. Please read the Bible daily. God will reveal the truth to you!

As you can see, the fate of the wicked or those who refuse to change their ways will eventually be eternal destruction and not eternal torture.

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