10 Bible Verses That Prove Eternal Punishment In Hell (a Place Of Torture): Do They Really? (part One)

The following verses are quoted by some to prove that there is a place of torture by fire and other ways to torture wicked ones for eternity. Do these verses really prove that or are they simply taken out of context? I invite each one to do their own personal study of these verses and come to their own conclusions. I will give a different explanation. Dear reader, you are free to believe what you will!

Isaiah 66:24 (KJV) mentions a worm that will not die and a fire that will not be quenched. Read the verse carefully and what was

in the fire? It does not say that souls were in the fire but “carcasses.” What is a carcass?

A carcass is a dead body or a corpse. If you throw a “dead body” or a “carcass” into a fire, what happens to it? Does it scream in pain?

Jesus referred to this verse in Mark 9:47-48 where it uses the Greek word Gehenna, a garbage dump where they burned garbage and dead bodies of criminals who did not deserve a decent burial. Just as fire destroys everything completely, so the wicked

will be destroyed completely and never again threaten the peace and security of obedient mankind. What a beautiful promise on the part of the Almighty God!

Daniel 12:2 mentions that there would be an awakening from sleep or a resurrection and that some would inherit everlasting life and others to shame and everlasting contempt. Is “everlasting shame and contempt” a place of torture?

Jesus used similar words, a resurrection of damnation in John 5:28-29. What does this mean?

It means that not all who are resurrected will choose to follow God’s ways. What happens to these ones? Revelation 20:9 tells us that fire came out of heaven devoured them, it completely destroyed them.

As you can see, the fate of the wicked will eventually be: eternal destruction and not eternal torture.

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